Truecrypt, disk encryption software

Truecrypt is a wonderful open source program for encrypting content on disk drives or removable media.  It works on Windows and Linux (sorry, fellow Mac users).  It is a good solution for protecting sensitive files.  When using a strong password this software can protect one’s data very, very well.

Setting up TrueCrypt to work on a portion of a hard drive is fairly straight forward.  Just follow the installation wizard.

Truecrypt can also encrypt data on a flash drive.  Though it is possible to encrypt the entire drive, that may not be the best option because by leaving a portion of the drive unencrypted then the drive can be set up in Traveler mode.  This mode can  set the drive up in a way that it can be used on most computers.  Note that it does require admin access to mount an encrypted volume, most everyone’s regular account is an admin anyway, except for Vista users (more on that in a future post).

Here is link to a video, by Chris at RioSec, that explains how to set up Traveler mode, step-by-step.

In conclusion, TrueCrypt is a wonderful open source tool that can protect data on hard drives and removable drives.  It is a good option for safeguarding confidential files.

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