Using “PGP” in Gmail

Yesterday, someone asked me if I use PGP, and at the time I wasn’t, but I am using it now. The methods I used are likely to be applicable to UMW students, because I set this up in Gmail. Next year, hopefully, Gmail will be the standard e-mail for students.

I initially set this up on a Mac and used these instructions to get started. Things didn’t seem to be working at first, but after opening a new terminal all was well. This link helped with some of the syntax, and finally, here is the link to FireGPG to install the extension that hooks into Gmail running in Firefox.

FireGPG example

The above is a screenshot showing the new buttons, context menu, and an example of encryption in Gmail.

At home on my Windows machine I installed the GnuPGP for that OS and imported the keys I had created on the Mac. I’ll probably use this software for key management on Windows.

Also for a Mac you may want to use GPG Keychain Access for managing keys. Here is an option for Gnome users.

Happy Crypting!

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