Disk Encryption Good News!

Good news in the full disk encryption arena. Truecrypt 5.0, and now 5.0a, has been released. The most important new feature in the Windows version is that can encrypt the entire Windows system partition. Finally, an open source full disk encryption product for Windows. I’ve been using the full encryption on my home machine since Feb. 17th and there doesn’t seem to be any conflicts or performance issues. Steve Gibson, of GRC.com, ran a test (defragging copies of a hard drive) that showed performance to be increased under Truecrypt compared to an unencrypted drive. One limitation of TC’s full disk encryption is that it doesn’t support hibernation so it may not be suitable for most laptops.

Truecrypt also released versions for Mac OS X, though not full disk encryption. Along with Windows and Linux support Truecrypt volumes can be very portable between systems.

In addition to Truecrypt, FREE Compusec is a free, though not open source, product for full disk encryption for Windows. This product does support hibernation and it has some other features not currently in Truecrypt. I will do an evaluation of this product as well.

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