Malware percentages

May 23rd, 2008

Greg Garcia (Assistant Secretary for Cyber Security and Communications,
United States Department of Homeland Security) was one of the keynote speakers at Educause Security 2008. He said that “Forty percent of computers on the Internet have Malware installed.”

John W. Thompson (Chairman of the Board and CEO, Symantec Corporation) speaking at the RSA 2008 security conference said that, based on data gathered from Symantec’s products, there is more malicious software now that users are encountering than good.

These statistics are good reasons to use Secunia PSI to check for files that need patching. In addition to other things to keep our computers safe such as patching, anti-virus, etc.

Is Your Computer a Criminal?

March 28th, 2007

There are estimates that over 10 million computers on the Internet are infected with malware.  Malware which is used for sending out spam… and worse.

Cyber-attacks ‘more aggressive than ever’

March 20th, 2007

A report from Symantec states that most Cyber-attacks are getting more organized, and better at getting data.  I was surprised to read that, by far, most of the attacks come from within the U.S., at 31% and over three times higher than second place China at 10%.

Here is a link to MSNBC’s take on the report, and here is the report itself.

The short answer to the story is to not open attachments from anyone you don’t know, and don’t respond to e-mails with personal information.  Now that most of us have properly patched systems and firewalls, online criminals are trying to trick us via e-mail.